Our principles: social responsibility and creativity!



The Bluesheepfarm (BLAUSCHÄFEREI REETZ) emerged from the BLAUSCHÄFEREI (Bonk-Reetz GbR) that promoted the serial design object "Bluesheep" (Rainer Bonk, 2001) within the conceptual art project "The Blue Flock" during 2009-2014. The Bluesheepfarm is social entrepreneurship at its best, combining creativity with social responsibility.


Everybody is equal - everyone is unique!


The Blue Flock of Art is a social art project promoting mutual tolerance and piece. 


NB: Each of our Bluesheep is faithful to the original and an authorized multiple of the BLAUSCHÄFEREI Bon-Reetz GbR.  We are very proud that all our Bluesheep are painted, refinished and inboxed by people with disabilities gainfully employed by Sozialbetriebe Köln gGmbH, an NPO, located in the city of Cologne.


"Die jecken Höhner von Kölle" ("Schantall") / Kunsthühner NRW


All NRW was creative for a unique artistic charity project for the benefit of needy children in the country:


Schools and institutions, private citizens, institutions, companies, artists, musicians and the NRW municipalities, countless people took part, so that in the years 2006-2009 more than 2300 chickens developed for a good cause.


The Creativ-Help GmbH, specially founded by Bertamaria Reetz, supports the Cologne City Gazette's Foundation "we help" as well as the Kolpingwerk with the complete proceeds. It received the award "children-friendly" by the landscape association Rheinland. 

Because we love what we do.